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I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to explain to business owners that their website is an extension of their brand. In this internet age, a company without a website can easily be passed off as “non-existent”, thinking things cannot even get worse, a company with a poor website can easily be termed “not-serious”.

This is something big brands are aware of and that is why they invest so much in their online presence. Although  I said; “invest so much”, websites can be a cost-effective way of creating a distinctive brand for yourself as an entrepreneur or a small business owner. Getting a kick-ass website in this day and age isn’t as hard or expensive as it used to be but it is important to understand that in the website design world these days – what you pay for is what you get! So, stop looking for the cheapest options or designers in third world countries. Instead, think like a strategic hustler/entrepreneur, try to get someone who you can create a strategic relationship with to get a modern and clean website at an affordable price where you both are happy. ( Also, please DO NOT be tempted to design your website yourself if you are not a seasoned designer ) .

I remember the time I worked with a startup business in Nigeria who makes close to $2,000,000 in revenue every year. They had a website which they had someone design when they started the company about 4-5years ago. The website was poor. They started to get complains and started to loose e-trust ( when potential clients begin to mistrust your business based on their view and perception of your online presence), their clients complaints was nothing far from “You claim to be a top Engineering Firm , how can you expect me to spend X amount of Dollars with you if you cannot spend quality Money on a clean website“. Not trying to be funny but their website looked like a kid’s first HTML project.

Long story short, A simple switch In employing my service to re-design and revamp their online presence created what you now see below.

Now my point is this; as a Business Owner, you’ve got to get a website that you can confidently refer potential and Existing Clients to.

With a website, an hustler can look like a small business , a small business can look medium and a medium business can look BIG! Its called “e-Branding” ( i literally just formulated that word ? ). With that been said, no matter what your hustle is, if you are trying to make it bigger than it is now, get yourself a clean website. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, it should be modern, clean, easy to navigate, easy to contact you and the most importantly – mobile friendly.

This very little and cost-effective gesture of getting your website right will strengthen your brand’s online presence.


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Kelechi Mmonu

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Kelechi Mmonu is an Internet Business Consultant and a Google Certified digital Marketer. He has trained hundreds of youths in the Internet business through boot camps and webinars. He is a Senior Tech Consultant for SnapiLABs, an internationally recognized Tech Innovation Company. He's that Hustle Honcho who enjoys spreading knowledge because he believes in the saying,"A Mastermind is on who feeds others through his Talent".

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