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Create Professional Video Proposals In Minutes
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  • Create professional video proposals that your prospects can e-sign
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  • Host all your proposals on the cloud
  • Create custom thank you pages to celebrate the new deal
  • Built-In Video Creator lets you record using camera, screen or both
  • Insert your Call-To-Action inside your videos with point-n-click simplicity
  • Get notified when the client views the contract
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Making Money In 2021 Is

Pretty Simple & Straight Forward…

Before the pandemic started… you had to:

Look For Problems Businesses Were Facing

Come Up With A Solution To Those Problems

Offer Your Solution To The Problems And Get Paid

There’s A Secret To Closing 100% Of Your Prospects Using This New Tech Of Business Proposals.

Remember: In 2021, In Person, Face to Face Meetings are DEAD!

(Thanks to Corona ?)

First - Globalization made it nearly impossible with customers and sellers located in different countries and time zones.

First - Globalization made it nearly impossible with customers and sellers located in different countries and time zones.

Now… like MOST business owners, freelancers & agencies… you too would have started using the NEXT BEST THING To Meeting In-Person – Video Calls over Skype, Zoom etc.

Agencies & Freelancers Are UsingProfessional Video ProposalsTo CREATE & SEND … 3X Faster

Starting Today You Too Can Close 100% More Deals &

Make More Profit WITHOUT:

No Technical

Mumbo Jumbo

No Trial N’ Error

No Building A List

No Creating Websites Before Earning

No More Sending Multiple Links For One Proposal

Forget Paying Hosting Fees On Vimeo/Wistia

No Commercials From YouTube 

No Hosting & Domain Fees

No Traffic Hijacking On YouTube

No Buffering

Nothing To Download/Install

No Overhead Costs

Integrated E-Signature Technology

Stunning Templates Included To Get You Started--Fast!

Save Previously Sent Proposals As Templates

Create Preserved Proposals That Cannot Be Deleted Once Signed

Personally, And Repeatedly Turn All Your Leads Into Paying Clients

And A Lot More…

Watch VidProposals

In Action



FREE Video Hosting

No More Recurring Costs For Vimeo or Wistia

If you find yourself taking your first steps into the crazy, wonderful world of video marketing, at some point you’re going to have to deal with the question of video hosting.

Hosting Videos on YouTube can be very annoying, because most times your audience will be distracted by ads that keeps popping up. Other platforms like Vimeo and Wistia require monthly subscription.

These platforms can also shut down your videos because of thier ever changing policies ...but you don't have to Worry about that anymore!

Immediately after purchasing VidScripto, We'll show you a secret strategy most big marketers use to host unlimited videos for FREE on thier websites.