The 3 Dumb Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Must Avoid


It might interest you to know that new entrepreneurs make some terrible, dumb mistakes that can even crash their business before it gets started.

This mistakes are not made because they are unintelligent, have low IQs or possess little experience.

New entrepreneurs allow these blunders because they don’t see them as issues. So, they fail to invest their resources into fixing the problems until the problems bulldoze their companies.

Without further ado, let’s go through the top three dumb mistakes new entrepreneurs make, and a lasting solution to each oversight.

1. Superficiality

We must first acknowledge our world today as one that could been seen as a Superficial, shallow, pays little attention to details and doesn’t focus on satisfying our customers.

The current trend for many in the market is now “build and sell fast” other that concentrating on the quality of the product the produce.

Many entrepreneurs, especially the newbies, fall into this superficiality trap.

These would-be entrepreneurs refuse to sharpen their skills, ship broken products and provide terrible customer experience. That’s why many startups don’t see the light of day. What’s the solution?

Obsessive attention to detail.

Pay attention to details of products, before you ship or build one. Don’t settle for minimal. Ensure your products reaches the desired quality before it hits the market.

Customer obsession.

Your startup exists to serve your customers. Be obsessed with always pleasing them with your product.

Constant learning.

To break loose from superficiality, i must tell you that knowledge is the antidote.

You must keep up with developing both your skill and your self, in order for your product to get to the top base.

Keep learning, so you can satisfy your customers with unstoppable value and become the go-to person in your industry.

Dumping the superficiality habit requires a change in mindset. You can get rid of it with constant practice and obsession with quality.

So keep the pace high with taste and follow with the pursuit of knowledge and self development. And you will see how your product becomes the best in a bit.

2. Ignoring “minor issues”

As for new entrepreneurs, paying much attention to details is one thing that is very much neglected, they always have the i am just a “beginner attitude”.

A comma splice in their home page copy is not something to worry about. “It’s just a minor issue,” they say. A broken link in their Facebook page is no big deal. “It’s just a minor thing,” they say. One negative customer review? Well, that’s just a “hot-tempered customer,” they say. “It’s just a minor thing.”

On a second thought, is it?, yes, in reality they are not minor issues. These are big issues. Remember, all problems start small before they gradually metamorphose into big, uncontrollable setbacks.

That little comma splice on your homepage can lead to a tsunami of credibility issues.

All you need know is that those things you call minor issues actually make your brand either look fake or be seen as an amateur in the business world.

As a new entrepreneur do well to ensure that you are, very much attentive to details and it goes a long way to tell the world your level of maturity in the world of business.

You may say but i am just starting, and no body might really notice, people do well to the faults or critics first before really applauding you.

See your brand or business as a very big one and treat it as such.

3. Chasing two rabbits at a time

Chasing two rabbits at a time will lead to, in most cases confusion and in another frustration.

Most times Amateur founders are quick to craft multiple ideas, bloating their online stores with a vast array of products and constantly rewriting their missions to accommodate their offerings. But, is that the brilliant idea they think it is? No, it’s not.

As Confucius beautifully said, “Man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” Don’t offer two services or products at a time.

You should concentrate on one service per time, become an expert in that and be know with that, then you may decide to add others.

Many new entrepreneurs actually add many services to their cart, and they some time become a jack of all trade and master none.

The main thing is that you should put all your focus into one category and you will generate strength and energy to be master at it.










Kelechi Mmonu

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