New App Creates Red Hot Stop Motion Videos From Templates and Drag-n-Drop Technology

Local Businesses Need Unique Videos Now More Than Ever. This is Your Golden
Opportunity to Cash in
on the Stop Motion Trend Without Any Skills or Experience!

What's StopMotionSuite all about?

StopMotionSuite is a cloud-based video creator that makes pro-looking stop motion videos that drive traffic and increase conversions.

Pick from tons of DFY templates in local niches and edit them with the drag-n-drop editor or turn any previous video into a unique stop motion video by pasting a link or uploading a video.

StopMotionSuite works in 3 Simple Steps

Watch Demo Video of StopMotionSuite Below

You Get All Of The Following Bonuses When You Purchase StopMotionSuite Through this page

Bonus #1

Access to a Done For You Marketplace like Fiverr (worth $367)

This is for you if you’re a freelancer… I and my team have designed a full-blown marketplace for you just like Fiverr… You can list Stop-motion inside as a gig and sell to clients… and you can also have tons of other gigs that you can sell to clients.

If you want to make more money & be successful as a freelancer, then having your own marketplace is the key - It means you won’t face stiff competition on Fiverr or struggle to get orders from clients, you’re not paying part of your profit service fee to Fiverr.

… the entire business is yours & completely under your control.

Building a website like this will cost nothing less than $1k, but you can get it from me for free when you purchase Stop-Motion through my link.

Bonus #2

Video Agency Website To Sell Stop Motion Videos As a Service (worth $467)

To make the most out of this Stop Motion Video trend  you need to be selling your own Video Marketing Agency services !!

Today you are in luck  because we just hand-crafted the most perfect Sales-Pulling StopMotion Video Marketing Agency Website for you .

With this Website you can make a lot of money by reaching as many prospects as possible and creating stunning StopMotion videos in 1-click for them using StopMotion Suite.

Simply customize it with your contact details, link the call-to-action button to a Google Form or Typeform to collect your clients details and this can be your very own customer conversion machine.

Bonus #3

StopMotion Video Agency Irresistible Proposal to send to your clients 

Presentation matters in a consulting business.

Just present our persuasive PowerPoint presentation to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money…

Loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW!

2 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check

Bonus #4

Commercial Rights to Reddule + Reddule Traffic Training (worth $67)

Reddule Consists of Two Breakthrough Parts…

Part 1. Reddule Cloud App
Reddule is the first "all-in-one" software to help automate traffic and leads from Reddit while fully using the Reddit API. It's the first to allow keyword alerts, scheduling, Karma analytics, and many more powerful features to help users safely get results and build long-term brands.

Part 2. Reddule Traffic Training System
Because we want subscribers to get massive results with this software, we've including a detailed training in 9 modules and HD video on how to correctly begin marketing on Reddit. A few things covered include...

a. Our proven Reddit funnel — once you set this up, you can potentially your conversions using this simple "viral" funnel.
b. Find the easiest subteddits for big traffic — including our special tools and tricks for finding subreddits that rake dead easy traffic and red-hot leads from Reddit
c. How to really "go viral" on Reddit with video — see how you can get featured on the homepage and across the web for more traffic.
d. Avoid the “spam trap” — discover how we easily blend-in to the subreddit communities and avoid being labeled as a spammer or typical marketer, but still able to build a list and make sales day after day!
e. Reddit PPC - leverage Reddit's largely unsaturated PPC network to get thousands of views potentially with pennies on the dollar.
f. Automated traffic tricks — see how we completely automate lead generation and traffic from Reddit, and shave hours off each day.

See sales page >>>

Bonus #5

Commercial Access to TikTok Feeder (worth $57)

Popular your sites with viral TikTok content in seconds!

It was built to simplify the integration, to reduce time to have sites updated and to be on track with social media that shows best growing indicators.

Simplicity: Easy to sync up and configure how to display videos from TikTok.
Keep on track: site update is automated. Caching Videos and related data from TikTok.
API use optimized: include features to cache data, to minimize the requests and reduce loading time.
Pop-up box: customizable lightbox to allow users to see your content at your own site.
Customization options: alternatives to change appearance, positioning and layout of TikTok’s videos feed.

Bonus #6

Access to Video Farmer Formula (worth $97)

Interested in a unique strategy to land video clients over and over?… including clients for StopMotion services?

This is a new VIP video training which you'll learn fresh techniques on how to land high-paying video clients today.

Instead of focusing on solicitation techniques like regular offline 'gurus' suggest that simply don't work anymore, here are some under-the-radar strategies to bypass 'gatekeepers' and land high paying clients for your video marketing services.

Bonus #7

Reseller Rights to Viral Mobilio 2 (worth $297)

One of its kind of app that truly utilizes the power of mobile messenger apps, that have 90-95% open rate and a very specific and proven mind hack to deliver amazing results in any niche and any product you can think of.

  • Detailed analytics
  • Users can choose to create either of these 2 campaigns
  • Ability to edit, delete and clone campaigns
  • Integration with major autoresponders
  • Integration with Youzign or can use your own custom image for campaign
  • Ability to add unlock capability by sharing it to
  • Ability to give coupon code, link, ebook, software or basically anything as giveaway.

Bonus #8

Instant Video Creator (worth $87)

Engaging videos are the best way to get audience hooked to your offers.
So, have a look at this helpful course that instantly adds streaming video to their web site without expensive equipment, hiring expensive services or paying costly monthly fees.
Now create unlimited courses and sell them on academy sites built with AcademyPro to be the market leader.

Bonus #9

Your First Sales Funnel (Video Course worth $127)

If you are an affiliate marketer or digital product owner who aims to have a hugely successful product launch, having an effective sales funnel will help you close more sales to your product.

The good news is I'm providing you with a video tutorial that will guide you on how to make your sales funnel for the first time in your internet marketing career.

Bonus #10

Script/Funnel Writer

Create scripts for your videos in minutes with funnel writer.

Generate high quality - professionally written sales scripts customized to your business in minutes. Simply fill in your business profile and the software generates a script for your sales video, Opt-in page, Webinar page, email swipe and much more.

Bonus #11

AI Logo Creator - with commercial License

Create professional eye catching logos and sell them to local business for $300 to $500 or integrate them with your VideoDashboard videos in seconds!

The unique built-in "artificial intelligence" engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes. Select the one you like and download!

Save money and time, you never have to pay a designer to create logos ever again!

Bonus #12

1 Click Fan Inviter Software (worth $83)

This is a growth hacking tool that converts post likes into fan page likes by mass inviting everybody who liked your posts to like your fan page.

You work hard and carefully create a Facebook post that goes viral…but sadly people end up only liking your post without liking your page. The solution is to invite them to like your page.

Now, it’s true that Facebook allows you to invite people who liked your posts manually, one by one, eating into an already highly scarce and valuable resource today i.e. your time…1-click fan Inviter is a growth tool that allows you to invite everyone in 1 click.

Bonus #13

Video Thumbnail Creator - with commercial Access

Skyrocket your click-throughs and video views using this newbie friendly video thumbnail maker app!

Attract more customers to your videos and boost traffic, leads and sales. Perfect to get more results with the video contents you get from Content Burger.

Bonus #14

eWriterPro - Professional eBook Creator

E-books are the best way to spread your knowledge and let maximum audience hooked. So, checkout this package that includes everything you need to create beautiful professional quality e-books at the touch of a button.
Use this with AcademyPro to get max results with the power of your knowledge.

To ensure you get your bonuses, ensure the affiliate name on the checkout page is Kelechi Mmonu as shown Below...

Immediately after purchase, please send your payment receipt to with the title "StopMotionSuite Bonus Claim".

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