Create Extremely Realistic Spokesperson Videos From A Single Photo

Meet MugJam
The First Ever App That Creates 3D Talking MugJams Of Any Face On The Planet. Automatically. In Seconds.

Watch a DEMO VIDEO below...

Prices & Up-Sells

FE: Mugjam Premium ($47-67 One Time)

- Create 2 Types of Videos
Template Based
Avatar On Your Existing Videos
- Create Unlimited Projects
- 30+ Professional Ready-Made Templates
- Over 8 Template Categories
- Ability To Edit Text, Images, Videos, Colors In Templates
- AI-Based Automatic 3D Avatar Creator From A Single Image
- Natural Head Turns (Avatars Turn Randomly That Imitate A Professional Spokesperson)
- Automatic Life-Like Lip Sync
- Text To Speech (Google Wavenet)
- In-Build Voice Recorder
- Upload up to 2 Mins of Video
- Create up to 5 Avatars
- Download Video Link Available For Upto 48 Hours
- All Templates Output In 1080P (HD)
- Works with 50+ Languages
- Commercial Rights Included

OTO 1: Mugjam Pro ($27-$37 One Time)

MugJam Pro introduces compelling features to give users an edge over others. Powerful features include,

- Green Screen Video
- Up to 5 Mins Video Upload
- Additional 50+ Voice Models (Amazon Polly Integration)
- Download Never Expires
- Create Unlimited Avatars
- Upload Video To Multiple Networks At Once (Post Render) (Upload to Youtube, Vimeo and Twitter)
- VIP Support

OTO 2: Mugjam Assets Club ($67 Half Yearly or $97 Yearly)

As soon as the user gets MugJam Assets Club, they’ll unlock following assets instantly,

-20 Additional Templates
-Training To Create Professional Grade Fake Human Photos To Help Users Create Unlimited Avatars
-Access to millions of Stock Image (In-Built Stock Photos)
-Higher Priority For Template Requests

And Every Month User Gets Following...

One Additional Template Each Month
Three Extra Background Music Each Month

OTO 3: Agency ($47-67 One Time)

- Ability To Create High Converting & Eye Catching Landing Pages for Each Project
- Landing Page Hosting
- No MugJam Branding Visible on The Landing Page
- Ability To Create MugJam Sub-Accounts
- Assign Projects To Your Sub-Accounts
- Ability To Assign Your Own Domain To Landing Pages
- Each Landing Page has Comments That Clients Can Read and Reply Too
- Ability to delete a comment for an agency owner
- Video Hosting by MugJam
- Ability to Collect Leads For Your Video Service On Your Client Review Landing Page (MugJam emails the lead to you as soon as someone opts-in)

You Get All Of The Following Bonuses When You Purchase The Front-End Offer Through Kelechi's Link


Local Video Marketing Workshop 

MugJam creates Extremely Realistic Spokesperson Videos From A Single Photo

The best approach here is to create this type of marketing material for clients and local businesses in your area and to charge 1k-3k for your services per video or if you like, you can offer a package deal.

This 1 hour workshop specifically teaches you how to sell videos to local businesses in your area and to clients, how to approach potential clients, what to charge for your videos and how to set it all up quickly.

This is the perfect bonus for anyone that wants to monetize MugJam in an exciting way.


Business Finder App

Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge when it comes to landing high paying clients. Our team has worked out a solution to this critical problem.

We’ve created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with their phone number, email, and website in a single click. You can also keep track of all the businesses that you’ve contacted and see how you are doing selling to these businesses.

 This powerful tool can find businesses in any niche and in any country or city, you can imagine. You’ll get full access to all the features of this app as part of your MugJam Agency Purchase.

Not only are you going to create amazing videos and deliver them easily, but you can now also find businesses and contact them to sell these videos. You won’t need any additional tools to start or expand your video business with this bonus


How to Setup Profit Pulling Video Ads on Facebook

In recent times, Videos ads are proven to convert better than the normal image ad,

--- 80% of customers will remember what they watch, while just 20% remembers what they read.

This is why many marketers prefer to use videos to advertise on Facebook or other Ad platforms.

But the problem is - Setting up a video ad campaign can sometimes be tricky & challenging too, especially if you've never done it before.

And Facebook won't waste any time to take your money, even if your Ad goals were not achieved.

This is why;

I’m giving you access to training guide on how to create profitable videos ads for your business.

With this guide, you’ll understand how Facebook video ads works... You can create videos with Mugjam, then promote it on Facebook easily

This guide is valued at $167, but I’m giving it out to you for FREE when you purchase Mugjam through me.


How to Write a Profitable Video Sales Script

Your sales script needs to be structured & perfectly delivered for you to sell to your customers with personalized videos & mugjam.

Perfectly written videos sales script + personalized video = $$$

As a marketer with 10+ years experience, I’ve sold a lot of products online using videos & one thing I put in a lot of time to create is my video script.

Even if you’re able to get thousands & millions of eyeballs to view your video, they won’t take action if your sales script is poor.

This is why,

When you purchase Mugjam through me today, I’ll show you a hidden formula on how to write compelling scripts that your audience can’t resist.

This training is valued at $147, but you can get it for FREE when you purchase Mugjam through me.


YouTube Advertising For Beginners

In this training, you will learn how to master youtube advertising. You can market your business with youtube ads and this is the best type of marketing that google as to offer. People can share your youtube videos, like it, comment, tweet it, whatever!

This is a complete guide on how to promote your youtube channel. Even if you have no experience with google adwords or youtube ad, this training will show you how easy it is to master youtube advertising. Video advertising has never been easier with youtube ads. The training goes over all the in-steam ads and in-display options too


100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks - $297

Use these Royalty-Free Music Tracks to enhance your videos with the right sounds to set the mood for offering your products.


FB Tube Videos

This application enables you to enrich your Facebook page by adding a new tab where you can integrate different types of videos from YouTube. That could be your YouTube channel, videos from a search results, a playlist, a YouTube category, or featured YouTube videos (most popular)

If you always looked for a way to integrate your videos or videos from a specific channel or playlist, search no more. This is the app you need ! And it’s very easy to setup.



This YouTube app is a full backend interface enabling you to search and save any YouTube video (and also channels) into your own database. You can organize all your selected videos into categories, and also choose the videos to feature.

The front end is based on a responsive design framework, and enables you to have a nice and modern website with your videos selection. You can easily use and extend this app to create a videos website.

You Get All Of The Following Bonuses When You Purchase at least one UPGRADE / OTO 1 Through Kelechi's Link


DFY Video Marketing Agency Website (worth $897)

You’ll be bagging clients in no time with your professionally designed agency websites.


Your website is already filled with all the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients. Just add your Logo and get started right away.


The stunning designs you’ll see on these websites are crafted by our in-house team of 6-figure website designers. 


These designers charge more than $2k normally to create such a website for businesses.

Click Here to checkout a screenshot of the website you're getting...really cool design.


DFY Killer Powerpoint Presentation & Proposal (worth $199)

From my experience, One kickass was to win clients instantly is to give them a good presentation/proposal.  This will basically open their eyes to all the money they're losing by not owning a mobile app for their business/brand. Just present this persuasive powerpoint presentation to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money… Loaded with professionally designed infographics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they NEED video ads and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW! 2 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check.


Video Creation Contract Template

Personally, I find it necessary to have something written about the terms and requirements of each assignment that I accept. With a written document (even if it is an e-mail), the client and I both have something that we can refer back to if there is a question about my work or payment.
You will get a Video creation contract you can customize and use. (3 pages). Ask a lawyer how much it will cost to get this legal document done for you; it's not cheap!


Stunning Facebook Ad Templates

You don't like talking to people, knock on doors or making phone calls, no problem, I can totally relate to that.
Let your clients come to you. You can run Facebook ads targeted at other businesses and get clients that will pay you to for these services.

I'm providing you with  ready-to-deploy Facebook ads creatives, specially Targeted at Business owners. All you have to do is copy and paste…and sit back with a chilled drink – watching the enquiries rolling in.


TeleMarketing Scripts to win a Video Marketing Contract 

So here's the truth; 3 out of 5 clients you market to might not be convinced at the spot, they might need more persuasion. How do you do that?

I'll provide you with a  'designed to hypnotize', complete telemarketing scripts I use myself - specifically designed for three different sales scenarios both in person and over the phone.

Use these step-by-step scripts in either scenario to ensure your prospects only say YES to your services And pay you MORE for your professional services.

These will effectively warm up your prospects for your services for a final discussion about pricing and method of delivery and convince them to hand over their money to you.


WP Video Bot

This is the ultimate WordPress solution for creating automated and standalone video websites. It is a complete and yet easy premium WordPress plugin with an automated schedule import system, that makes sure your site stays fresh and up to date with the latest and most popular videos.

WP Video Bot supports several video services. Just to name a few: Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku, Facebook, TED, Canal+.

This Website and The Product Being Sold is Not Endorsed by Facebook and it's Partners, we do not have any relationships or affiliations with so do not treat our adverts or posts on the Facebook platforms (including Instagram) as any sort of endorsement from Facebook.