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  • Our App Has Done ALL Heavy-Lifting FOR YOU And It Provides You With ALL The Leads You’d EVER Need On A Silver Platter!
  • No Dealing With Complicated Set-up, Getting Your IP Address Blocked or Having To Pay For Proxies and Captchas 
  • Our App Comes With the MOST Up-To-Date, EXCLUSIVE Local Business Data That is NOT Available To The Public
  • HUGE Limited-Time Bonus: INSTANTLY Access Over 50 PREMIUM (Fully-Editable) Website Templates That You Can Sell RIGHT AWAY For $500-$1000 To Your DFY Leads
  • HUGE Limited-Time Bonus: FREE Website Hosting (that YOU can CHARGE for) Included With Our Premium Website Templates 
  • HUGE Limited-Time Bonus: FREE Fill-in-The-Blanks Sales Template That Has An 80%+ Response From EVERY Local Business You Use It On! (NON-salesy strategy) 

We’ve Made Getting Targeted BUYERS For Your Agency As Simple As Following 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

Login To Our Web-Based Platform

So You Can Get MORE Clients, Make MORE Profit and Dominate ANY Local Area While Our App Provides You With ALL The Leads You’d EVER Need On A Silver Platter!

Step 2

Tell Our App The Niche And Location That You Want Your Leads From

This is also a VERY simple step that ANYONE can do. This requires ZERO set up, ZERO experience, ZERO “work”, ZERO of anything. Literally our app has done all the work for you. All you have to do is tell our app what niche and what location you want leads in. You can also optionally use our other filters.

Step 3

Instantly Download The DIRECT Contact Info For Your Targeted Buyers In The Niche And Location You Entered In Step 2!

Once you’ve told our app the information in step 2, all you simply have to do is click on “create my export” and within SECONDS you’ll be redirected to our “download” page so you can instantly download your leads.

Step 4

Easily Offer Your Leads One of Over 50 PREMIUM (Fully-Editable) Website Templates Valued at over $3k EACH - For $500-$1000 So It’s A NO-Brainer Deal!

This is the step that brings it all together. Not only are you getting INSTANT access to all the leads you’d ever need, you also need a high-quality DFY service you can offer as well, right? Well, why not offer the MOST proven and MOST profitable service known to agencies AND have us do it ALL for you? That’s what you get here ?


Lead Valet Is our NEW Done-For-You Web-App

That Provides INSTANT ACCESS To MILLIONS of Targeted BUYERS In ANY Niche That Are Ready To Pay $500-$1k (or MORE) For Your Services

Let Me Show You How Easy It Is To Start Using LeadsValet To Get ALL The DFY Leads You’d Ever Need!


Exclusive Bonus #1

MailConversio is an all-in-one email conversion booster suite that turns every Email Broadcast into a profit-pulling machine using interactive videos, graphics, and poll elements. As a result, it helps you to open rates and click-through rates, by adding social growth elements, conversion, and interactive elements like Power words, Social badges, Google maps, Feedback bars, Forms/questionnaires, etc,..


With MailConversio, you can rapidly grow your social media accounts by showcasing your latest posts. It also supports you to quickly insert interactive elements that will help you engage with your audience and get better feedback from them.


There are only literally 3 steps to earn such benefits from Mailconversio:

  • Step 1: Choose an element: Pick an element you want to be inserted in your email. (MailConversio instantly generates an autoresponder code)

  • Step 2: Copy code to autoresponder: Simply copy the code inside your preferred autoresponder Step 3:

  • Step 3: Send emails and view live stats: Click send and sit back. Watch live stats of your campaigns showing your click-through rates going through the roof.

Exclusive Bonus #2

AdsReelr (with Agency License selling for $197)

Facebook ads are one of the most effective ways to attract viewers to your videos.
However, the cost of paid ads on Facebook has increased dramatically. Not to mention it is harder to get targeted customers as it was before. AdsReelr is your only solution to get leads on Facebook legally and ethically without having to pay more for ads.

The Software allows you to turn leads into sales incredibly. With each ad you run on Facebook, AdsReels gets you massive leads without any fear of bounce rate. Particularly, this tool is suitable for all types of marketers.


_Custom link generating system:
With AdsReelr, you would not use raw links to create Facebook ads anymore. Creating custom links to get more leads on Facebook is what you should try the next time you promote.

_Publish content instant share: To publish content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all you need to do is hit the publish button. Within a few minutes, your campaign will be active on all social accounts you are managing.

_Engage leads: To gain more leads, AdsReelr helps send direct inbox messages to your audiences via Facebook Messenger. The audience will be those who engage and interact with your fan page.

_Create ad campaigns in 30 seconds: Instead of spending hours for an ad campaign, now you only need 30 seconds to finish one. It is a lot more convenient, isn’t it?

_Lead list: AdsReelr gathers your leads from many different sources and exports into MailChimp, Madmimi, and Aweber.

_Custom tab: Filling an opt-in form is obviously time-consuming and inefficient. To make the most sales, you can create landing pages, squeeze pages, and affiliate e-Commerce stores by using custom tabs without wasting so much time.

And so many other awesome features that can get you more sales than you thought.

Exclusive Bonus #3

E-commerce Video Creator (Worth $497)

Videos are one of the best ways to market both physical and Digital products and services. As part of my Bonuses, you'll get access to this Ecommerce product Video Creator Tool.

Use this powerful Ecom video maker app to create “conversion tested” eCommerce videos using ready-made video templates that are designed to get more traffic and sales to ANY ecommerce business.

Includes commercial licence so you can create videos for your clients and run them as Facebook ads, YouTube ads and any other social media platform!

Exclusive Bonus #4


Businesses and users are done with anything that’s slow and time-consuming. Hence why the use of QR codes keeps incresing by the day as it is proven to be one of the fastest, easiest, and more reliable ways to pass across information online.

As part of the amazing bonuses i’ll be giving out today, you’ll get access to one of the best QR code generator app.

With this app you can use the QR codes for your business to help improve your products or services, increase customer engagement with images, pdf, videos, etc, or even promote your business via events and coupons. All of these can be done with just a single scan!

Exclusive Bonus #5

Commercial Access to Subscriptz Membership Platform
 (Worth $257)

With this app you can start your very own video subscription platform and charge customers for providing them with a collection of interactive video training on any niche or topic.

The best part is you can customize your portal easily, add unlimited videos, posts, and pages plus you can integrate different payment platforms to start collecting payments or subscriptions.

Let's take, for example, With the recent cryptocurrency buzz, Bitcoin hovering around e$10,000 - $20,000 and alt coins having over 2000% return on investment, we seem to be having crypto millionaires every day leading to a high demand in cryptocurrency video training.

Exclusive Bonus #6

Free Access to an AI-Powered Logo Creator Software

(worth $497)

Every business, agency, or organization needs a logo, without a logo your brand pretty much has no identity, This is why you see big companies like BBC & Pepsi spending over a million dollars on a logo design.

I’m not expecting you to spend millions of $$$ on a logo design… and you don’t even need to spend a dime.

Because, I’m giving you FREE access to an artificial intelligence software that will help you design any type of logo in minutes … You simply give the software some little information about your business and it’ll instantly grab that content & generate an eye-catching logo for you - in minutes.