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The Biggest Agency Opportunity in 20 Years?

Evolutionary App Sells Any Product with Cryptocurrency Checkout Handsfree

Make Easy Sales Helping Small Businesses Sell Products with
Cryptocurrency Checkout - No Crypto Knowledge Needed!

Get Results in Three Easy Steps:

Businesses in Need Reach Out

Find small businesses offline and online that desperately want to accept cryptocurrency to sell their products and services because they want to…

  • save $1000s on fees
  • want to reach international customers instantly
  • are frustrated with centralized payment processors
  • & more.

Install Their Site & Cryptocurrency Checkout in a Click

Then, integrate Koincart in a click for a yearly or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto and auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

There are DFY themes and ability to accept many cryptos.

They Grow & You Get Paid

The small businesses start accepting cryptocurrency for their products and services hands-free in addition to normal payments.

You just charge for access or setup.


Koincart is a first-to-marketing technology that allows businesses anywhere to accept cryptocurrency as payment fast and easy.

It’s the first app that creates gorgeous sales sites with templates and auto-delivers products and memberships after crypto purchase.

It's So Easy to Get Results

A Frustrated Business
Reaches Out To You

Say, a small local yoga studio is strapped for cash and wants to save on fees and sell their courses and live classes to a bigger audience for more revenue.

Plus, their previous payment provider froze some of their money, and they contacted you for help.

Tap a Few Buttons to Set Up Their Crypto Checkout & Site

Just integrate Koincart for a yearly or one-time fee so they can immediately accept crypto and auto-deliver memberships for their courses and classes.

There’s already a Yoga DFY site with Yoga themed crypto widget ready to integrate and sell to our Yoga company in just a click

They Grow Their Business & You Get Paid Passively

Now, our Yoga studio client is selling products and streaming classes worldwide instead of locally, including to big countries previously out of reach.

Plus, they are saving on fees and not worrying about chargebacks or frozen payments.

They can accept coins like Bitcoin, which significantly appreciate value, or ‘stablecoins’ like USDT, which reflect the US dollar value.

Check Out the Demo:


Exclusive Bonus #1

Crypto & Fiat Calculator

One of the major ways to remain profitable in the cryptocurrency Trading Business is to stay updated with it's current value, down to the last decimal.

This Softwre calculates the exchange rates between major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies – including BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP to USD, EUR, GBP, IDR and NGN – with up to six decimal places of accuracy.

Exclusive Bonus # 2

DFY Crypto & NFT Blog

One of the surest route to making business owners trust you in the crypto Business, is to establish Authority by educating them on the Dos and Don'ts of Crypto.
What better way to do this, that owning a dedicated Cryptocurrency Blog that gives them valuable tips and resources that will help them succeed in the Business.

My Team will help you setup this Blog, with 30 preloaded and Traffic pulling crypto related contents that will help you sell the Crypto payment services, using Kion

Exclusive Bonus # 3

Resellers Rights to SocialNeos Pro

SocialNeos rewards customers for sharing content, builds your list and creates a powerful Social Notification system just like Mobile Push Notifications - message your users any time, on any device!It's The Only Viral Traffic Plugin You'll Ever Need Turn Any Video or Content into a List Building Machine in 3 Easy Steps.

Exclusive Bonus # 4

Whitelabel Rights to CurationNeos

CurationNeos allows you to turn other people’s red hot content into your own unique, traffic-getting content in seconds! In just seconds, you can create your own unique, curated content that you can use to rake in daily free traffic from social media, Google, in your emails, and more!

Exclusive Bonus # 5

Agency Rights to Elite Video Player 2.0

Local Clients need a video player other than YouTube to keep traffic on their site.
Elite Video Player is an easy-to-use and complete solution for embedding MP4 videos into any posts or pages w/ mobile coverage you can sell them!

Features include:

– Easy AB looped playback for your visitors (great for teaching sites)improved and more powerful playlists (more playlist features coming soon).

– Automated checking of video encoding for logged in admins

– Completely responsive video player.

– Custom start and end screens are built right in.

– You can use your own custom design before and after the vide