Attention: Have Real Human Spokespeople In Your Videos Saying Exactly What You Want In MINUTES!

REAL Humans, REAL Voices, 

With A NEW Technology 

That Gives STUNNING Results

What You Are About To See Is Unbelievable…

  • First of its kind technology
  • REAL professional actors in your videos

  • Synthetic human voice text-to-speech(English Only)
  • Plus fully-integrated google text to speech (40 languages + 74 voices)

  • Revolutionary lip-synching technology
  • Stunning life-like facial movements
  • Cloud based (no installation required)
  • Extremely easy to use (no learning curve)

  • Background and audio bank included
  • Simple editing interface
  • Tap into the HUGE spokesperson market
  • Commercial license available

You Can Have Your First ‘Humatar’ Working For Your Business,

Or Your Client’s Business Just Minutes From Now!

Hiring A Spokesperson For Your

Videos Can Cost Hundreds

And Even Thousands Of Dollars Depending On The Actor You Hire, Video Length, And Extra Effects…

If you need a professional spokesperson for your own videos, or you want to take advantage of the EXPLODING spokesperson service industry – Human Synthesys Studio will save you time, money, and even open lucrative opportunities to profit from the spokesperson service industry...

Introducing the first-ever REAL human spokesperson engine, where you can combine real humans with text-to-speech, and have them say exactly what you want with UNMATCHED life-like quality…

  • Boost Conversions With Real Humans

  • No Need To Be On Camera, Ever Again

  • No Need To Record Your Voice
  • No Learning Curve, So Easy To Use
  • Seamless AI And Cloud-Based Video Production
  • Unlimited Video Asset Editing
  • Repurpose Videos From One Language To Many(Important)
  • Template Design And Management
  • Unlock Massive Business Opportunities

This Has Never Been Possible


Before Human Studio Synthesys

  • No “talking head” video: Producing a quality recording of a “talking head” video is really hard and time consuming. That’s why most companies opt-out of doing it.
  • Slow voice-over process: You have to find an external voice artist to coordinate the audio part of a project.
  • Hard to make corrections and re-edits:Re-editing video and script requires a reshoot of the voiceover. This prevents quick iteration and testing.
  • Hard to make multi-lingual videos: All the problems above get multiplied if you want to create several versions of the video in different languages.

With Human Studio Synthesys

  • “Talking head” video: Human Studio Synthesys platform includes more than 20 high quality avatars that can be used for producing spokesperson videos. They can be used as full profile avatars or circular avatars.
  • Fast voice-over process: Human Studio Synthesys platform comes prepackaged with the highest quality and variety of synthetic voices. Simply type your text and hear the result in real-time.
  • Fast corrections and re-edits: with Human Synthesys Studio, every business can create multiple takes and scripts, see how they work and adjust them - all within a few minutes.
  • Simple to make multi-lingual videos: Once you found a script that works, you can simply translate the script in any of the supported languages (we support 40+ languages) and generate multi-lingual videos. Again, all within minutes.




Bonus 1

Full Blown Humatar Done-For-You Agency Kit ($4997)

Everything you need to setup your own 6 figure Video consulting business even if you know nothing about coding.

Inside this offer, you’ll get;

  • Agency Website, specially designed by my in-house Website Designers.
  • Irresistible Proposal - Use this to pitch your  Video Marketing Agency to clients.
  • Highly optimized Email Sequence to turn your website visitors to Serious Buyers
  • Print-ready commercial Graphics templates for your Video
    Marketing Agency Service (business card, letter head, invoice, trifold brochure)
  • FOUR DFY Facebook ad creatives.

    This is ALL you need to kickstart a successful Video Marketing Agency with 
    Human Synthesys and you’re getting it for FREE.

Bonus 2

XVidd Video Traffic App (worth $97)

XVidd is the ultimate and most Advanced YouTube marketing solutions for your business to grow.


 It offers many powerful tools like auto comment reply, like on videos, auto comment on videos, auto subscribe channels, video search, channel search, playlist search, video upload, video edit, playlist manager, channel analytics, video analytics, video link wheel, video rank tracking and many other tools.


 If you have YouTube channel, then XVidd is a must needed marketing tool to manage your channel marketing stuffs.

Bonus 3

Access to "Adsmartly" A Brand New "Collection of 10 Marketing Apps All In One Dashboard With High Tech AI Automations" (Real World Value: $497)

Adsmartly Is a collection of 10 Marketing Apps All In One Dashboard With High Tech AI Automations:

Here are some of the unique features of Adsmartly:

- Manage multiple Facebook Accounts with full automation.

- Facebook Comment Bot: you can setup auto reply to your post’s commenters comments.

- Instagram Comment Bot: you can setup auto reply to your post’s commenters comments.

- Messenger Chatbot: Helps to increase page response time by reply inbox messages based on keywords.

- OTN Broadcasting in Messenger: can send one time notification of orders made on your messenger store.

- 8 Social Media Posting: you can Text/image/video/link post across Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Google, Medium, Wordpress

- Email Marketing: Effectively start bulk mailing campaigns with your connected API

- SMS Marketing: Effectively start bulk sending SMS with your connected API

- E-commerce Store: You can start a full blown E-commerce store right inside of your Messenger with instant payment processing and delivery handling, as well as QR menus for instant access to your store

... and many more!!!

Bonus 4

Access to "Proin" A Premium Link Cloaking Platform (Real World Value: $997)

Would you not rather spend nothing to market like Forbes and Budweiser who create splash pages, notification pages for any smart link to allow them get their target audience excited and motivated before getting them redirected to the main offer or website.

Today I am granting you access to the same powerful toolkit collection that big brands like Forbes and Budweiser are also using to create the same kind of campaigns.

Get access to the entire premium collections to be able to create the following:

- Pixel track ready links that are shorten with geotarget analytics.

- Create a splash page with any link of your choice to run your campaign, were you can add exciting content like quotes, announcements, or any message just before you redirect to your choice destination.

- Create Notification headers on any link to update, advertise and share any more alerts within your set destination link.

Bonus 5

Access to a Premium Video Editing App

In addition to my other bonuses, I’m also giving you free access to a premium app that will enable you to edit videos, super fast & easy.

Human Synthesyns Studio is an incredible software, with LOADS of features that makes it a powerhouse.

Unfortunately, the in-built Video Editor is not sufficient.

But that’s not a problem…

I and my team have been able to fill up that gap with a top-notch video editing software.

It’s very easy to use, you don’t have to sit for hours going through a new learning path on how to edit videos with this app

With this tool, you can edit videos fast, like Hollywood professionals and produce them in high quality.

Access to this tool is valued at $497, but you can get it for free when you purchase Video Creator through me.

Bonus 6

AI Powered Text Translation & Speech Software

Add this to Human Synthesyns Studio and create stunning & highly profitable videos like a bang.

Trust me on this, as a marketer, your video is not complete without a highly persuasive, real-human sounding speech/voiceover to move viewers to take action.

Unfortunately, creating a voiceover is not easy… plus it’s expensive to hire a voiceover artist.

But that’s not a problem anymore…

As part of my special bonuses, I’m giving you free access to a software that will allow you to create voiceovers for your videos in minutes.

It comes with real human sounding voiceovers (with different voice textures & languages) that your audience can easily connect with.

With this tool, you can turn ordinary text to voiceover in minutes.

It’s valued at $497, but you can get it for FREE when you purchase Human Synthesyns Studio through my link

Bonus 7

Interactive Video Conversion App (worth $85)

Want to take your spokesperson video to the next level & boost your sales while people are viewing your video?

Here’s what you need;

With this software, you can convert any video into an interactive video that will explode your leads & sales.

Instead of creating ordinary videos, add special elements to your videos to engage viewers & increase profit.

… you can add buttons, opt-in forms, timers and much more inside your video.

Add call to action buttons inside your spokesperson video to boost engagement & increase your results.

This bonus is valued at $85, but you can pick it up for free today when you purchase Human Synthesys Studio.