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NO Matter What Business
You Are In, You NEED...

What You HATE The Most...

When You Try Freelancers...

Day 1

You spend days vetting and eventually hiring freelancers for your project. You spend hours communicating your vision so they understand.

Day 15

The team gets started but you wait anxiously for days. A few days turn into weeks and now you are uncertain of the outcome.

Day 30

Finally you get delivery but spend more days with back and forth revisions. You end up paying more and every design after that needs paying for too.

When You Try Doing it Yourself...

Day 1

You spend days researching and learning how to design.

Day 15

You buy more easier to use design software with more learning to do.

Day 30

You stitch your graphics together and are frustrated with the outcome.

But What If YOU Could Be
The Expert In 3 Easy Steps?

Step 1

Point & Click

Create compelling graphics & designs in just a few clicks without any creative or technical skills. Save lots of time, money, and sanity.

Step 2


Instantly publish your graphics to your blogs, websites, or sales funnels transforming them into hugely profitable selling machines.

Step 3


Irresistible designs with magnetic selling power for an influx of traffic, views, shares, clicks, leads, and sales 24/7/365 minutes from now.


At ClickDesigns we have been selling online for almost two decades and have tried EVERYTHING graphics and design. 

We are NOT designers!

We have outsourced UNTIL the nightmares began once the project started.

They took control and we were held hostage on their terms with endless energy-sucking back and forth revisions.

Then we hired a team in-house. It was great UNTIL, there was nothing left for them to do.

The huge monthly expense was killing our profits so we let them go.

After years of trial and error, failures, frustration and pain, we built ClickDesigns to overcome EVERY obstacle and roadblock that prevented us from getting our graphics!


Exclusive Bonus #1

Free Access To A Done-For You Free Agency Website Installation & Customization
(valued $855)

When you purchase ClickDesigns today, you’re getting access to a done for you design agency website to sell designs to your clients & businesses.

Installing this website & setting it up for use is quite technical & could take time… You won’t have the time to focus on getting customers & making money if you had to do this yourself.

This is why, when you purchase ClickDesigns through my special link as one of my subscribers, I and my team will help you install your agency website & customize it with your logo & your content.

Exclusive Bonus #2

Full Access to Advanced CONTENT-PRO App ($154Value)

Inside this package, I am giving you amazing software that will help you make killer articles that will boost your profits quickly and effectively. Ultimately, you can engage more and more people, and get them attracted to your offers. 

Exclusive Bonus #3

Full Access to my Advanced Visual Maker App ($200 Value)

Create Awesome and Unique Videos with advanced level editing for the best communication, get more potential customers to engage in your content, and scale up your business with this mind blowing video creator software.

Exclusive Bonus #4

Free Access To SUBTITLE GENIE (valued $235)

How would you like a software that automatically adds subtitles and other video edit elements to your videos? Making your videos more engaging and accessible to a wider range of audience. including deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, that’s a huge audience you won’t want to miss. This software helps boost your online video engagements.

Exclusive Bonus #5

Free Access To TTP-MAX Mp3 (valued $239)

Expand the reach of your content and enhance customer experience. This software makes it simpler for all individuals to get access to your content online.

Exclusive Bonus #6

Free Access To LEAD BOOST(valued $155)

With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

This is a premium WP plugin that will open the doors to a highly effective way of building your list and making money quickly with Facebook.

This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

Exclusive Bonus #7

Free Access To WebChat (valued $200)

Give your online visitors and potential customers a more personalised and positive experience, making them feel valued and important. ... This AI assisted ChatBot will help navigate customers through your website.

  • Benefits.
    Increase Customer Engagement. ...
    Improve Lead Generation. …
    Get feedbacks from customers
    Meet Customer Expectations. ...

Exclusive Bonus #8

Free Access To Keyword ANALYZER (valued $200)

Keywords play a very important role in matching your website content with what your targeted viewers are looking for and hence helps in ranking your website higher in search engines.

Keeping this in mind, check out this product where you’ll get an amazing tool that escalates and filters profitable keyword terms on the internet.

Unlike most keyword tools which just rely on Google, this one actually provides you with awesome keyword data from SIX sources: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ebay, YouTube, and Amazon.