In Demand Tech Skills For 2022 And Beyound


It’s no secret that we live in a digitalized world. And with the fast rising of dependable digital skills, its more likely that one who just sits behind will sertainly be left out. Whatever your 2022 goals are, learning one or more of these skills must be your priority (it’s not too late to start) — they will prepare you for that next large open door. While some of these skills have decreased because of quick changes in innovation, many are as yet in top interest and new ones are arising.

Tech organizations, and for sure all associations in the computerized economy, are coming to understand that advanced digital skills are fundamental for representatives in the advanced time. It is a higher priority than at any other time that new workers are well equipped and have both hard and delicate skills to keep pace with the latest developments..

You might ask: How can one acquire these skills?. Well You can basically learn anything to reskill or upgrade an outdated skill through free and paid web-based courses and video instructional exercises. Regardless of your objectives, business niches, this computerized age has given such countless open doors for you to redirect your career path in way of accomplishment and financial freedom.

Here are some of the most in demand tech skills for 2022 and above.

1. Programming, Web and App Development

What Is Programming? According to Wikipedia Computer programming is the process of performing a particular computation (or more generally, accomplishing a specific computing result), usually by designing/building an executable computer program. Programming involves tasks such as analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms’ accuracy and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms (usually in a chosen programming language, commonly referred to as coding).

Computer programming has an integral role in our world today. Coding is the future and therefore, an extremely useful skill to possess as it helps to solve a problem in a logical as well as creative way. Without computer programming you would not be able to use your cell phone, PC or computer to read this article.

Learning the essentials of programming can separate you from your equal, giving you a strategic advantage in this innovation driven world. Apart from software and application programmers, many other job roles also require coding expertise. Some of these job roles are business analysts, graphic artists, data scientists, website designers, etc.

How to learn coding?. Today, numerous platforms are offering online courses on different levels of coding as well as different languages. Here are 10 websits to learn coding and programming from.

1. BitDegree
2. Codecademy
3. Coursera
4. edX
5. Khan Academy
7. Codewars
8. Udemy
9. Dash by General Assembly
10. freeCodeCamp

2. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a type of marketing that uses the internet and digital devices to promote products and services.

Unlike in the old days where marketing is done on the streets, nowadays companies rely on digital promotion. Therefore, even when you are not working in marketing, companies demand this skill to maintain their digital presence.

Different online platforms like blogs, email, and social media are used to promote products and services. Learning about search engine optimisation (SEO) and how social media promotion works can help you build a good business/ personal online brand. Doing so can help position you to be a strong leader in your professional community and increase your employability.

As long as people will like to promote one thing or another, the services of a digital marketer will continue to be in demand.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, it means the process of improving your site to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business in Google, Bing, and other search engines. The better visibility a website or pages have in search results, the more likely they are to get fast attention and attract prospective and existing customers to a business.

Learning this skill gives you an edge by allowing you: Stand out from your competition, save money, make money, be efficient, Stay ahead of business challenges, become more valuable. etc.

In addition you can startup an agency that helps businesses make their websites and web pages SEO compliant, to enhance user experience and engagement.

4. UI/UX Design

UI/UX simply means User Interface and User Experience, both of them are related but not the same. This is another digital skill that is in top demand. Businesses want to make their software, website, or mobile apps visually appealing to their users.

They also want the users to navigate through these websites and apps with ease and with the intention of why they were created. A skilled UI/UX designer should have the ability to reason like the end product user to recognise their potential problems and provide a satisfying solution.

With the variety of web and mobile apps released every day, the demand for UI and UX designers is definitely at an all-time high. If you have flare for artistic designs, UI/UX Design may be your next choice of career.

What is Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing where an affiliate marketer get a commission or reward for marketing some else’s product or service. The affiliate marketer searches for a product that is of value to its customers and then promotes that product or service to them, to earn a part of the profit from each sale.

Stats shows that:

  • 79% of marketers use affiliate marketing to engage existing customers. (Get Cake)
  • Over 65% of affiliate marketers connect with their customers on social media. (Master Blogging)
  • 74% of US online shoppers check multiple affiliate websites prior to deciding on a purchase.(CyberCash Worldwide)
  • Affiliate marketing is estimated to be worth $12 billion globally. (BloggingX)
  • The affiliate marketing industry is responsible for over 16% of online orders. (Uniquodo).

This shows you how big the affiliate marketing industry is, and the numbers keep increasing.

New York Times bestseller and entrepreneur Neil Patel, says, “If you have no product and want to make money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn an income from it as an affiliate marketer.”

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and the most economical online businesses I’ll strongly suggest you try out.

Copywriting is the act of writing copy that sells a product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. For example, a copywriter might write a new jingle for a gadget commercial, or come up with a new company slogan.

The copywriting market has become one of the fastest-growing ones in the world as there’s an increased demand for copywriters, and even with the AI-based writing sofwares out there today, copywriting is not fading out soon.

It has opened up an opportunity for brands to market their services to a bigger audience and for copywriters to monetize their skills.

While you’re learning copywriting, you must be passionate about writing well with an in-depth knowledge of the grammar rules, punctuation, and proper spelling. Other skills you will need are strong research skills, digital marketing skills, business skills, creative and critical thinking skills, storytelling, and empathy.

7. Blockchain

According to IBM Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. A blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, production and much more. And because members share a single view of the truth, you can see all details of a transaction end to end, giving you greater confidence, as well as new efficiencies and opportunities.

Blockchain’s impact is no longer just restricted to cryptocurrency, and outside of it lies several job opportunities. To become a blockchain developer, you will require a combination of hard and soft skills like computer networking, data structures, algorithms, and cryptography.

8. WordPress Web Design

Every marketer wants to take their business online hence the high demand for web designers keeps Scaling up. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) and over 60% of the entire world website runs on WordPress.

So, learning how to design a website using WordPress will be a good digital skill to learn. WordPress has made it so easy that you don’t need to be a professional to build your own website. A wordpress ebsite can be used for blogging, portfolio, corporate, saas, agency, eCommerce websites, and so on. There are a lot of free and paid WordPress plugins and templates that made it to be versatile.

9. Graphic Design

Graphic Designers create visual content for their client or employer to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers . As a graphics designer you need an in-depth understanding of what makes the brand you’re working for unique. The work of a graphics designer is to communicate ideas through their designs

They create everything from posters and billboards to packaging, logos and marketing materials. Graphic Designers use elements such as shapes, colors, typography, images and more to convey ideas to an audience.


Time waits for no one. Now is the best time for you upskill and reskill to meet up with the digital age. Many companies and businesses want to stay at the top of their game. Their best bet would be to employ people who will help them to remain competitive in what they do. Staying on top of your game will will of great advantage to you.

You can start with the skills listed in this article. But also note that there are many other valuable skills you can find and learn online

Start Now…..

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Lead Generation. The Perfect Guide



Before we dive in, let’s start by defining what the basics of Lead Generation is.

What is a lead:

A lead is a potential client who has an interest in your brand.

This interest is shown as a trade of personal data, such as providing their contact details on your website or subscribed to your newsletter.

What is lead generation:

Lead generation is the most well-known approach to attracting, and connecting with your target audience to the point where you convert them into potential customers.

This process works by driving targeted traffic to your website, capturing their information and nurturing those who fit your buyer list.

Lead generation strategies:

These are the various marketing tactics you use to start someone’s interest in your product or services. They include anything from creating a landing page to holding a virtual event.

Here are some lead generation strategies:

1. Strategic and easy-to-navigate landing page 
These are independent website pages that have been made just for a showcasing or promoting effort, and they’re one of the most important components in any advertiser’s stockpile. unlike site pages, landing pages have a solitary objective: to direct visitors towards a call-to-action CTA.
To generate leads using a landing page, use CTAs such as “Sign Up” or “Register Now.” Then, ask people who click to leave their contact details. Once you have their email, you’ll be able to follow up with them and build their interest in your products.
  • Plan your layout
  • Know the goal behind a landing page
  • Your page should be responsive for both desktop and mobile users
  • Keep the page visually appealing.
  • Create a strong headline. The headline must tell the readers what the product or service is all about
  • Add visual appealing images
  • Add a short explanation about your offer.
  • Avoid distractions on your page . Keep the offer concise and ask for the required information.
2. Social media advertising

Advertising on social media is also a strategy used in getting leads. But among all the social media platforms, Facebook has been recognised as the most efficient platform for generating leads. Running your Ads on facebook gives you an advantage because the platform allows you to connect with more customers than any other platform.

As of October 2020, there were 45.94 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom. This was over a million more than the number of Facebook users a year prior, in October 2019.

According to Statista. As of the third quarter of 2021, there were around 3,5 billion cumulative monthly users of the company’s products worldwide. With around 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the most popular social media worldwide.

The traffic objective is designed to drive people to a destination such as a website, landing page, app, phone call or Messenger conversation. This helps you connect with your target audience to the point where you convert them into potential customers.
3. Referral marketing

This is one of the unmistakable ways of producing leads.

According to Wikipedia. Referral marketing is a word-of-mouth initiative designed by a company to incentivize

 existing customers to introduce their family, friends and contacts to become new customers.

Referral marketing focuses on the word-of-mouth promotion of your brand, which establishes your authority and credibility, which, thusly, builds your possibilities of producing more leads.

The first step towards a fruitful referral program is having an excellent product or service that will provide value to your customers’ and meet their expectations.

The quality of your business’s offerings may be good enough that customers do this for free, or you could set up an incentive system. For example, give your customers a certain percentage off their next monthly retainer fee for every client they refer.

4. Take advantage of website live chat

Website live chat bot are a great way to help your visitors answer their queries, doubts and questions. This helps to make them feel comfortable to buy fro you, easy navigation and reduces drop-out rates in your lead generation funnel. Answering chat messages to users who start a conversation improves conversion by 65%.

This encourages visitors to enter key contact details such as their name and email address. Giving you an advantage over your competitors. Besides being used for middle of funnel lead capture, you can also use site chat to capture more information from ready-to-buy visitors and lead them directly to sales.

5. Connect with social media influencers

Influencers are social media users with a large following (mostly celebrities) who have established credibility as well-known figures in their industries.

Consumers are likely to listen to their opinions because their posts seem genuine and authentic. Depending on your business, it might be worthwhile for you to work with them, as they are a trusted third party who can help build interest in your product or service by giving it a positive review.

You can start by reaching out to well-known influencers in your industry, and offer an incentive for working together. Some influencers charge huge amounts depending on the nature of business and the time frame you’ll like to work with them, while others may ask for a flat fee.

6. Use a short and direct Lead Capture Form.

This is a mistake most businesse with websites and landing pages make almost all the time is using a lead capture form that is long with lot of personal details to fill. It can be boring at time. Not every body likes to share their personal details. Shorter forms are likely to convince your site’s visitors to fill them out.

Your lead capture form should include:

  • Name
  • Email Adress
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • website

On the other hand you may not collect enough information to evaluate the quality of a lead. But this is better than losing them to your competitors.

7. Host a webinar or (online event)

What is a webinar? : Webinars (online event) are video presentations, workshops, or lectures hosted online, usually used by brands to instruct, demonstrate, or educate their customers.

This is a strategy used buy both B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to buyer)

Webinar can help draw in people who want to learn new information or acquire knowledge about a particular field. Meaning If you offer an important and valuable product or service within that field, you are more likely to guide audiences toward your offering. At the end, you can even provide a discount to attendees who want to make a purchase and even offer their their personal details to get morw updates from you.



Lead generation is important for business growth. Without lead generation, your company will have a hard time attracting new customers and sales opportunities. So by focusing on lead generation, it gives you an edge to  drive more traffic from high-quality prospects. And with high-quality prospects comes high-value customers.








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Important Facts About Video Marketing


Video marketing means using videos for promoting and telling people about your product or service. It helps increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and allows you to reach them with a new medium.

Video marketing is the easiest to understand, whether it is a tutorial, a product demo, or even a simple recipe. It is one of the most powerful and versatile digital marketing tools of today. 63 percent businesses have already started using videos to promote their business. It is high time you made the switch too.

In this article I’ll share some reasons why you should use videos in your marketing:
Build Your List

Video is the fastest-growing type of online content. With more people in the world preferring to get their news and other information through videos, and being more likely to share videos with friends, you need to promote your brand where your biggest audience is. 64% of buyers will purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms. This is enough reason to integrate videos in your marketing.

To build trust

Whether it’s a presentation, Q&A or informal content such as a behind-the-scenes tour, video gives you opportunities to show the real people behind your business. This makes you more relatable and trustworthy to your audience, who are more likely to follow and recommend your brand to others.

For Search Engine Optimization

MarketingSherpa stated that Videos attach 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads. This is a result of the fact that search engines tend to consider videos as more high-quality, comprehensive content.

HubSpot’s research also showed that 65 percent of business executives polled said they visit a marketer’s website after viewing a branded video. This shows that high-quality video content that boosts viewer engagement and piques consumer interest can drive traffic to your website.

To Inform & Educate Your Audience

One of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience.

Sales pitches are constantly being replaced with value-based content that specifically speaks to the audience. It also helps pass your message clearly and gives real-time experience and a closer look at your product or service.

To connect with your audience

Videos attract the type of audience base who are not ardent readers but can happily stick around for two whole minutes or even longer when there’s a video. This provokes a feeling of personal interaction and builds brand loyalty.

Increasing conversions

As well as helping you reach more people and driving traffic to your websites, including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by more than 80%, according to HubSpot. Visitors are more inclined to watch a video explaining what you do or breaking down complex instructions than to read about it.

Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

While most brands are still stuck on using long-form text, using videos gives you an edge, leaves a mark in the mind of your prospects, establishes you as an authority and the go-to brand in your industry.



There are soo many other ways in which video marketing can help your business. In fact, 81% of customers have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. … 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service which increased brand awareness. 76% of marketers say video helped increase sales as well as traffic.

It helps increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and allows you to reach them with a new medium.

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The Power Of Customer Service

customer service


Most Businesses invest huge measures of energy, cash and assets to construct a brand that will fit their customers need. But if they neglet to put resources into conveying the right customer service – they risk loosing most of their customers to their competitors.

Your business’s customer service team plays a major role in your business. There’s the need to give some level of care and attention when dealing with customers that you would hope to retain.

Million dollar companies like Amazon, Micosoft, Google and the likes. Have such great reputations, not just for the product and services they offer, but for their customer service as well. And today small businesses are taking same step.

A well-trained customer service team can reflect a positive company image, as well as help you attract and retain customers.

In this Article we look at some supported reasons why you should put resources in your customer service team.

1. Strengthens Company Values.

Your customer service team commuicates directly with your customers and prospects consistently, and that implies that they first hand represent and promote the brand’s mission and values. Incredible customer service can bring about great reviews and referrals for your business that can prompt new customers. 

According to a survey conducted by Harris interactive, “73% of customers said that they are committed to a brand due to friendly customer service representatives.”

2. Improvement Through Feedbacks and Responses.

This is one way customer service helps to give you insight on what your customers want and what your business is missing out on.  Customer Service help generate feedback and gather responses from your customers and the general public, which guides you in improving the products and services you render.

Customers like it when you listen to their complaints and help them resolve what ever issue they are having with your product or service. A good Customer Service team get direct access and identify what the customers want and what they do not want and also enquire from clients on the best way to further improve on the products and services you render.

Likewise, when clients come around and understand that their problems have been fixed and ideas have been carried out, they become more loyal and supportive of your brand.

3. Gives your brand a competitive advantage.

Great customer service has the potential to convince your existing customers to stay and even refer their friends, family, and other individuals, expanding your customer base. By offering great customer service, you are attaching more values to your brand.

It’s no doubt that a well-trained, positive customer service team can make your company the best version of itself.

When customers do not enjoy or feel satisfied with the service rendered by your brand, they tend to leave for a better option. To stand out, you have to prioritize your customers and give them the feeling of being valued. This way you keep them coming back for more products and services.

4. Increases customer lifetime value.

Customer lifetime value (CLV) represents the total amount an average customer brings to a company over time. Customer service is a great way to increase CLV. If customers have a positive shopping experience, they’ll be bound to purchase from you once more.

It’s also easier to market new products to existing customers. you can easily build your organization’s income without spending more on advertising. Customers are more likely to trust the products and services your customer service team is recommending because they’ve already had a great experience. No one wants to buy from a business that treats its customers rudely.

5. Opens Doors for New Partnerships and Other Opportunities.

Customer Service helps your Business in a lot a larger number of ways than just helping and giving value to your clients. It makes client reliability, can be utilized as a type of promotion, prolongs your Business life. Over the a period of time, consistent contact with your client base permits you to adjust and develop so you can keep on gathering its necessities.



Customer service is vital to each business! Without clients, no business can get by. Regardless of your product, industry, or niche. You must make it a priority.

  1. Understand Your Customer’s Needs.
  2. Listen to their Complaints and Feedbacks.
  3. Appreciate your customers.
  4. Pay Attention to Your Competitors.
  5. Be Consistent in Communicating with Your Customers.

Clients will go where they are dealt with decently and with care, and even spend more cash at such a business..



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Top 5 WordPress Themes To Make Your website Look Like A Million Bucks

five high end wordpress themes

[speaker id=top-5-wordpress-themes-to-make-your-website-look-like-a-million-bucks]

When it comes to creating HIGH QUALITY WEBSITES without having to kill yourself, waste time or feel lost, High quality wordpress themes are the answer. WordPress has been my favorite and go-to platform to design websites for myself, my companies and clients for over 5 years now. It has never disappointed me nor my clients and as the years go by – things are becoming easier by the day and more cleaner. Almost all the themes on the market are all Mobile Responsive, Look Modern and are Easy to Make use of.

Today am going to be sharing 5 themes that will make your websites look like a million box. I have made use of each of the themes in my projects for clients and my personal projects. Each of these themes are “High End” in the sense that they can be used to design and create high quality looking websites, they have over 30+ demos you can make use without having to crack your head. You will also be able to download all the themes FOR FREE here on Okay, lets go!

(1) BeGlide: Corporate Business Consultant Agency WordPress Theme (worth $49)

BeGlide Creative design with corporate look and ultimate theme color options make it unique from other WordPress Themes. BeGlide is an ultimate solution for multipurpose categories like Agency, Consultancy, Corporate, Industries, Small Business and any types of Firm.


(2) Seofy – SEO & Digital Marketing Agency WordPress Theme (worth $59)

Seofy has an advanced and unique page templates system. It allows you to choose a header layout, sidebar, footer, and over 230 other settings for each page/post/project/etc. individually. You can even have landing pages and micro-sites within your main website with no additional set up!


(3) Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme (worth $60)

Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Salient is an impressive WP theme which incorporates a perfect blend of features and styles that helps users to best showcase business and personal projects. It is a feature-rich WP theme which provides users with just the best platform to get started with their website in a matter of no time. Its major features are responsive designs, loads of custom styles, user-friendly admin panel, and elegant layouts.


(4) Composer – Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme(worth $59)

Composer – Responsive Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Composer theme is a Responsive multi-purpose high performing WordPress theme created by an elite group of designers and developers. The development team has more than 6 years of experience in WordPress. They dedicate their time and are meticulous in all stages of theme creation processes. This is evident as we deliver easy to use themes that are high performing and secure.


(5) Consultix Consulting – Business Consulting WordPress Theme(worth $49)

Consultix Consulting – Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Consultix is a Corporate Consulting theme which will suit most consulting, finance, corporate agency. This theme is easy to customize, responsive and powered by Drag & Drop Page Builder. If you’re looking to build a site for Consulting, Finance, Business, Corporate, Financial Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Accountants, Lawyers, Consultants, agency, accountant, startup company, finance business, consulting firms, insurance, loan, tax, investment firm or other Finance and Consulting related businesses then this theme is your best option.


I hope you found one or all of these themes useful.

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Top 5 WordPress Blogging Themes for 2019

Top 5 WordPress Blogging Themes for 2019

WordPress was originally created to be a blogging platform. Now, it does more than that. It powers over 30% of the internet and at it’s core, WordPress is the by far the best platform for blogging. If you go to 10 blogs today, there’s a very high chance that 7-8 out of them run on WordPress.

Million dollar brands such as New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN,,, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC all make use of WordPress. 

What makes WordPress one of the best platforms to run your blog is the ease of creating and publishing content, the user-friendliness of the dashboard and the crazy amount of plugins and themes available that can make your “little blog” look like a million dollar blog with little or no upfront investment.

I hope from the way am talking, you can already tell that this blog you are on is powered by WordPress. I even have the WordPress app on my phone that allows me to keep track of things, publish posts on the go or correct blunders I might have made when writing my posts on my PC.

If you are like me and you care about the look and beauty of your blog, then picking the right WordPress blogging theme is paramount. Before I launched, I wasn’t only concerned about how to create content but also how my blog looks, how it makes visitors feel and how things flow.

People will instantly judge your blog by it’s look, no matter how great the content on your blog is – if the layout is poor and looks too busy – it will make your reader(s) bounce off. So, it is important to pick the right theme for blogging.

I have been designing websites for brands and businesses for over 5years now, I have a very high taste in design, I don’t settle for less. I believe in first impressions. So, these 5 WordPress Blogging Themes that made this list all meet my most important criteria:

  • Clean, Modern, Intuitive and Beautiful
  • Mobile responsive and retina ready
  • Beautiful front page and post layouts
  • Quality and not hype or amount of sales
  • Good reviews and comments.

N.B – Scroll to the Bottom of the Page for Download Instructions!


1. JNews – WordPress Newspaper Magazine Blog AMP Theme. (Worth $39)

This is one of the few Blog themes that has the front end live editor that allows you to edit font, colours, background and more in real time. Termed as the “all-in-one” solution for publishing great content that looks good on all devices and sticks users/visitors in, the JNews blogging theme is one to consider.

With over 120+ homepage demos, this theme is suitable for creating Magazine sites, Blog sites, Editorial sites and for all kind of publishing website needs. Speed is also one of the things the JNews theme has going for them, it comes packed wit the AMP google support and Facebook instant articles support to ensure  that your website loads super fast and gets on the generous sides of Google and Facebook.

Besides being able to import their beautifully designed homepage and page demos, the theme comes packed with Visual composer (front-end) and Elementor that allows you to alter and customize the layouts according to your own taste. You have the power to design your own footer  and header layouts or make use of the pre-defined ones provided by the theme.

This is a Fast & High Performance Theme that is SEO optimized for both Mobile and larger screens. I love the front end submission feature that allows you to run a blog where visitors or users can submit their own content (blogpost) from the front end in a clean and easy to use interface, you can even create a source of income by leveraging their Pay-To-Submit feature.

This is a theme that will instantly make your blog look like a million dollar blog with all the next-level features and functionalities it comes with for free!


  • Up to 120 Demos
  • Multi-Page Article on One Single Post
  • Supports all major plugins
  • Built with mobile in mind
  • Responsive Design. Tested on Google Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Header and Footer designs
  • One click demo import
  • Optimized for Google Page Speed as SEO Signal
  • Google AMP Support
  • Supports Woo Commerce
  • Modern, Clean, Responsive & Intuitive design
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Easy integration with Google Ads and Responsive Advertisement for both Image & Google ads
  • Collection of wide social network Share with social proof
  • Fancy Headers & Footers style
  • Infinite Scroll for more convenient reading
  • View Counter and Popular Post (Dummy number of view counter, share, and like)
  • Very intuitive Live preview option panel (Customizer)
  • Regular Updates


2. INNOVATION: Multi-Concept News, Magazine & Blog Theme(worth $59)

This the theme my blog currently runs on and obviously, it would make the list because I am in love with the theme. It doesn’t have all the fancy features and functionalities the other themes has but it does the job. It’s modern, clean, intuitive and lays out your content in a very professional manner.

INNOVATION is a multi-concept News, Magazine & Blog WordPress theme best suited for blogs that deliver news about Technology, Fashion, Sport, Travel, Personal, Entertainment, Recipe etc. With an elegant and intuitive design, you can easily create a website that will put your best work first.

I really love the simplicity of the theme coupled with the advanced features contained in the back-end. I also love the fact that it comes with about 8 different posts layout with each of them looking very clean on both mobile and larger screens. This theme takes social media sharing to another level, from the top to the bottom to the sidebar, your readers are encouraged to share your post.

Come to think of it, after creating this post, I am thinking of changing my theme and I have a feeling I will be changing to either #3 or #4, till then…I am loving this theme!


  • One Click To Import All 11 Demos
  • Retina Support, Sharp High-Resolution Graphics
  • Supports all major plugins
  • Responsive Google Ads
  • Top, Bottom and Aside Share Bar In Single
  • Fullwidth And Boxed Layout
  • One click demo import
  • Multiple posts layouts
  • Modern, Clean, Responsive & Intuitive design
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Infinite Custom Typography. You Can Change Font Size, Style, Subset for almost elements…
  • Unlimited and Sticky Sidebar
  • Fancy Headers & Footers styles
  • Random Specify Post Views Value
  • Mobile responsive and retina ready


3. Newspaper WordPress Theme (Worth $59)

I tried as much as possible to create this list of the best wordpress themes for blogging based on sales or hype, the Newspaper wordpress theme is the best selling blog theme of all time with over 66,000 sales and counting. Tens and thousands of people cannot be all wrong if they are using this theme right? Yes! The theme is a great theme and I use it to run about 4 of my other blogs.

Its super easy to setup, configure and get the ball rolling without biting around the bush. The Newspaper theme is super fast, simple, and easy to use for almost any niche such as cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist blogs and more, the sky is the limit on this one.

With the Google AMP support, your blog will load 5x faster than other blogs on the internet, giving you more retained visitors and higher page views. One other thing I love about this theme is the vast amount of post layouts available, you can pick between 13+ layouts depending on how you want your posts to be shown.

This theme will give your visitors the best first impression they need to stick and grow with you as you grown in your blogging career. The Newspaper theme comes packed with all the features you need to flex on other blogs and slick start your blog with all the industry leading functionalities a professional blog should have.


  • Up to 50+ Custom Demos
  • Modern and Trendsetting design
  • Blazing Fast Loading Speed
  • Supports all major plugins
  • Blazing Fast Loading Speed
  • Responsive Google AdSense and Ad support
  • Custom widgets
  • Light, Fast and Stunning
  • One click demo import
  • Modern Post Layouts
  • Supports Woo Commerce
  • Modern, Clean, Responsive & Intuitive design
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Free premium plugins
  • Multiple headers and footer types
  • Fancy Headers & Footers style
  • Comes with premium plugins
  • Mobile responsive and retina ready


4. Soledad v6.3.1 – Multi-Concept Blog/Magazine WP Theme (Worth $59)

If you are looking at positioning yourself and your blog as an expert within your field or niche, you should consider getting the Soledad WordPress theme. Even though it is for “professionals”, it is a very beautiful theme with lots of features that will encourage your readers to share, like and engage with every post you publish.


  • Multiple Demos Available
  • Supports all major plugins
  • Guest Authors and Multi-Authors Posts with Co-Authors Plus Support
  • Built in beautiful customizable share buttons
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Table of content and numbered headings
  • Super fast clean Mega Menu
  • One click demo import and demo switcher
  • Social media integration and live embeds
  • Beautiful justified galleries
  • Paginated posts
  • Post view counts and reading time of post.
  • Supports Woo Commerce
  • Modern, Clean, Responsive & Intuitive design
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Beginner friendly
  • Fancy Headers & Footers style
  • Comes with premium plugins
  • Advanced dashboard and theme settings


5. WorldNews – Magazine RTL Responsive WordPress Blog\Magazine(worth $79)

The WorldNews WordPress theme is both clean, modern looking and a responsive blogging theme. It comes packed with over 12 Homepage style demos to pick from. The homepage of a blog is very very very important as much as the post page.

I really love the demo homepages that the people at WorldNews created for this theme. I love the block feel and how it makes the blog look and feel minimalistic, yet clean and beautiful. The font system used for the headings and body text is clean as well, I like it. If I wasn’t making use of the theme I currently have, I would definitely opt-in for this theme.


I hope you found one or all of these themes useful.

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Top 5 Differences Between a Boosted Post & Facebook Ads

Top 5 Differences Between a Boosted Post & Facebook Ads

When asking a business if they utilize Facebook advertising, the majority will say yes. Unfortunately, most of them have only utilized the Facebook boost option, which pales in comparison to Facebooks Ads within the ad manager.

Because of how extensive the ad manager within Facebook can be, many businesses choose to simply boost their posts without knowing the full capability that Facebook ads present to their business because of the convenience. Which brings up the question, what is the difference between Facebook Ads vs Boosted Posts when it comes to advertising your business on Facebook?

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between boosting a post on Facebook and running an Ad on Ads Manager, then you will love this Post.

What is a Boosted Post?

A boosted post is a post to your Page’s timeline that you can apply money to in order to boost it to an audience of your choosing. This is the simplest way to advertise on Facebook, As you can see below, it is conveniently located in the bottom right-hand corner of your post so that you can advertise at a click of a button on Facebook.

The objective of a boosted post is to maximize the visibility of that particular post so that users can take certain actions such as liking, sharing, and commenting on that particular boosted post.

What Are Facebook Ads?

While boosting a post is still considered an ad, Facebook ads are created through Ads Manager and offer more advanced customization solutions. There are many advertising objectives to help you reach your specific business goals and the audiences you care about most.

The reason why you want to have more objectives at your disposal when advertising on Facebook is that you are defining what actions you want audiences to take when they see your ad. You can also follow your buyer’s journey directly, to better optimize your campaigns towards your audience’s specific needs.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should choose Facebooks ads over boosted posts:

1. Facebook Ads Offer More Objectives Than Boosted Posts

Within the Facebook ads manager, there are 11 objectives that you can choose from opposed to the 2 objectives that the boost post option provides you. The reason why you want to have more objectives at your disposal when advertising on Facebook is that you are defining what actions you want audiences to take when they see your ad. You can also follow your buyer’s journey directly, to better optimize your campaigns towards your audience’s specific needs. By choosing certain objectives you are spending your advertising dollars more efficiently at an audience that is likely to convert into a lead or an eventual sale.

Here are the 11 Facebook ad objectives and what they cater to:

  • Brand Awareness – Increases the awareness of your brand by reaching more people who are more likely to be interested in your brand and pay attention to your ads.
  • Reach – Show your ad to the maximum amount of people as possible.
  • Traffic – Optimize your ads to lead your potential customers to a destination on or off Facebook such as your website, messenger conversion, or app.
  • Engagement – Can get mistaken for the boost post option. This objective gets more people to engage with your page or your post. The reason why this objective is more impactful than the regular boosted post is that you can target more engagement to not only specific posts but also events, offers, and page likes.
  • App Install – Get more people to download your app by sending them to the app store where they can download your app.
  • Video Views – Promote your videos to get more people to view your video content such as product launches, brand stories, and behind the scenes footage.
  • Lead Generation – Drive and capture more lead information such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers from people interested in your business.
  • Messages – Entice people to send you messages or have conversations with your business on messenger to answer questions and offer customer support.
  • Conversion – Have more people take valuable actions on your website, app, or messenger such as adding payment info or making a purchase. You can also add a Facebook pixel to track these actions.
  • Catalog Sales – Create tailored ads that show items from your catalog or e-commerce store based on your targeted audience.
  • Store Visits – Promote multi-location brick and mortar businesses that drive more traffic to your locations.

2. You Can Create And Target Custom Audiences With Facebook Ads

With Facebook Ads, you have more customization when it comes to creating and nurturing your audiences. As you can see below, you have three options when creating audiences on Facebook’s ad manager: create a custom audience, look-alike audience, and saved audience.

3. You Have More Placement Options And Customization With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to have numerous choices when it comes to the placement of your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Unfortunately, when using the Boosted Post option, you do not have the ability to customize where or how your ads are placed.

By having complete customization of where your Facebook Ads are placed, you are giving yourself the ability to only serve your ads where they are most effective. For example, if you were running a conversion campaign ad on Facebook, you would want to exclude the “Audience Network” placement. The reason being is the “Audience Network” placement is on mobile apps and websites off of Facebook and Ads on these places rarely convert.

4. Boosted Posts Have Limited Creative Options While Facebook Ads Have More

In order for your Facebook Ads to stand out and entice users to take action, your creative has to catch their attention. Unfortunately, with the Boost Post option, you are only relegated to the single image and video ads.

Facebook Ads not only allow you to use single image and videos ads, but they also allow you to use an additional three types of formats, depending on the objective you choose. For example, if you were using the conversion objective you can choose the carousel, slideshow, and collection format for your ad creative, in addition to the single image and video ad format as seen below.

5. You Can Add Call To Actions On Your Facebook Ads

Adding a Call to action on your ads serves as the transition in the buyer’s journey. It makes it easier for your potential customers to take the next action or step. Nothing is worse than having a potential customer confused or disappointed because they don’t know the next step or action to take.

Because of this, not having a call to action on your ads will kill your conversions. So why choose the Boosted Post option when you can utilize Facebook Ads because of the ability to add a call to action?

Should I Ever Use Boosted Post?

Boosting a post is a great way to ensure your posts are shown to more users, and it can be used to effectively grow brand awareness and even to drive page likes. Boosted posts are optimized to drive more engagement (like likes, comments, and shares) on your content, so if that’s an important part of your Facebook strategy, they can be a great fit.

But if your advertising goal is outside Post Engagement, then Boosting a Post won’t be good. You would have to consider running a Facebook Ad from Ads Manager.

Here’s the BIG takeaway.

“The secret sauce and key to marketing online successfully and creating ads that connects, attracts and brings a return on your investments is to connect with people who might already be interested in what you have to offer – based on their pains and desires and using language and words they understand”

I would love to send you 2 Videos for FREE, one of which is called “Anatomy Of A Great Ad” and the other is called “Examples and Deep Dive of Great Ads”. In these videos, I take you behind my shoulder and show you what really makes a great ad, I break down Facebook ads the way top marketers and businesses do it!

In order to learn what I will be sending to you for FREE, I had to spend over a thousand dollars enrolling on top Facebook marketing courses from experts in the field.

To get the videos, just enter your name and email so I can know where to send them to!

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Best 15 Facebook Ads with High Conversion Rate


Facebook Business Manager makes it really easy to build an ad from scratch. All you have to do is choose a format, then fill it in with information about your business.

The real challenge is to choose the right format for image and text.

There are hundreds of ways you can design your ad with Facebook’s ad options.

Where do you start? Luckily, we’ve narrowed your choices down to 15 easy-to-apply Facebook ad templates.

Start designing by defining your objective for your ad campaignthen picking the right template for the job.

Let’s get started!

15 Free Facebook Ad Templates

Just like every call-to-action has a different purpose, so does your Facebook ad template.

The following ad templates cover the primary actions that you want your customer to make. Use the menu to jump ahead to the template that you’re interested in, or read the complete guide below:

Facebook Ad Template #1: Increase Mobile App Installs

To increase mobile app installs, you’re going to need to create standout ads for mobile, where it’s easier than on desktop to download an app. The key to a standout mobile ad is to show your app being used in relatable situations. That way, when a mobile user is scrolling through their Feed in their downtime, your app strikes them as the thing they’d rather be using to perform an action they find appealing.

It’s important to deep link to your mobile app or the app store to the right audience. Dynamic ads enable deep linking, a gamechanger for increasing installs.

facebook ad templateFacebook Ad Template #2: Establish Brand Awareness

You’ve developed pitch-perfect branding for everything that represents your business, which goes beyond just a logo and a color scheme. That’s where you can turn to video, the perfect medium to hype your business. For video ads, the first thing users see is the thumbnail. The trick to getting people to watch is to feature a main character mid-action. Having a really clear main character in your video thumbnail is a great way to get people to watch the rest of your story. The thumbnail makes people ask “why”.

The copy should tell people where the story takes place, as the text is where people will look to for more context around the thumbnail.

ad templates

Facebook Ad Template #3: Smash Product Catalog Sales

When people have too many choices, it’s tempting to just have someone else make a decision for them. Curating products is a high-level way of making the decisions that your viewers will appreciate. To curate your products for your ad, group together similar products into a Collection. Collections are different from Carousels in that they link to an immersive in-app experience, including browsing and learning more about the products featured.

Not only will your Collection drive cold traffic through visual appeal, but you can also drive product catalog sales up by targeting people who’ve already expressed interest for a certain kind of product on your site.

Whether it’s shaped, texture, color, or item type, pick out the items that together form a sense of cohesion. You can feature one item per photo or similar items across all photos.

facebook ad design

Facebook Ad Template #4: Drive Traffic to Your Site

Facebook carousel ads are the perfect way to drive site traffic. Each carousel lets you use up to 10 pictures in the space of a single ad—meaning more room to show off what your site offers. The best way to use this space is to showcase your product from multiple perspectives.

Variety is a top reason people are compelled to shop at one store over another. Some customers might want to simply purchase the product—include your product against a simple background. Others might be drawn in by a model—feature your product in-use. Others still might just love the lifestyle your brand helps create—put your product within an aesthetic context.

For all the variety, it’s important for people to come away with a sense of your website as a whole. To instill unity in your ad, be sure to include a brand message that unifies the photos, as well as a business logo at the end of your Carousel.

facebook ad template examplefacebook ad design

Facebook Ad Template #5: Bring People to Your Event

It’s not enough to feature people in your event photo. To really pique your target audience’s interest, your event has to show that there’s more in store—but only if you attend the event. Your event ad can spark this curiosity by featuring people who are already engaged in your event activity. Instill a little FOMO by describing how your event setting is unique. Make it easy for people to decide at a glance if they are “Interested” in your event by centering the details of time and place.

advert templates

Facebook Ad Template #6: Get People to Start Shopping

Shopping in person is all about having options: flipping through clothing racks, scanning an aisle of groceries, trying on makeup. With carousel ads, you can simulate that experience online—all within the space of a single-photo Facebook post. The more options people have, the more time they’ll spend with your ad, giving you many more chances to bring them to your online store.

People should be able to tell at a glance what it is you’re selling, so it’s important to keep your photos consistent in color and structure. Foreground your product, and choose a highly contrasting color for the background. Examples below include attention-grabbing red for dishware (Target) and soothing nature for flight tickets (Travelstart South Africa).

Pair this with a promo to really pique your viewer’s interest and to get them thinking about spending on your site. And, of course, finish it off with a “Shop Now” CTA that takes your viewer directly to a landing page with your products.

facebook advertising template

Facebook Ad Template #7: Collect Leads with Sign Ups

If you want to collect leads, a great way to do so is show people exactly how they’ll feel once they’re using your product. A classic way to show this is before/after ads, which generate leads because they are relatable and show that your product delivers results.

Although you can’t add a before and after photo sequence as per Facebook’s terms, you can still give the same effect with an illustration that represents how great your product is. Whether it’s through color, light, or detail, illustrations grab attention to the positive aspects of your product by standing out amongst all the other faces in the crowd of a Facebook feed.

What’s important is that your image features the “after” results of sign up, and your copy makes an exclusive value proposition. By asking “Does Your Car Qualify”, Uber makes people hope their car qualifies so that they can achieve the “after” state of a car full of cash. By headlining with “the top 5%”, Hired reveals the “after” state as smiling, vibrant people in a new workplace exclusive to that qualifying 5%. For both ads, you can only know more if you sign up, which drives your lead collection.

design of a facebook ad

Facebook Ad Template #8: Generate Leads with the Power of Free

People love free things, but they’re more and more skeptical of them because they think there must be a catch. Valuable products come at a price, so to lead with the power of free, you have to make that “catch”— like a time limit on a trail — clear to people within your ad. This will build trust and people will feel more comfortable signing up. Keep the “free” part of your offer subtle and specific.

At the same time, the ad should communicate your product’s value — how it makes users’ lives better. To do that, use the image space to grab your viewer’s attention with a solution to their problem, paired with a crisp, simple graphics. Notice how our example ads directly invoke a problem that a customer faces, both in their image and their copy? This is a great way to both grab attention and intrigue viewers.

facebook ad template example

Facebook Ad Template #9: Increase Post Engagement

The more suspenseful you can make your post, the more people will interact with it. It all boils down to conveying a single idea. An image with a lone, anonymous figure, generates intrigue and mystery. A divisive headline gets people to think about where they stand on a topic–––and click through to see where other people stand. Ad text that makes an argument gets people intrigued about how a post (and all its commenters) will back it up. Sandwich your image with this dramatic copy, and your entire ad will get people clicking to satiate their curiosity.

Facebook Ad Template #10: Advertise Your Chatbot

Nothing ups your customer service game like personalized, immediate support—your chatbot is the way to go on this front. Messenger chatbots allow you to engage directly with customers, which means more loyal customers. To get the word out about your new chatbot, you can center your ad on showing the bot in action. People can be wary of robots of any kind, so be sure to humanize your bot by giving it a name, or including copy about how it’s friendly and helpful.

Facebook Ad Template #11: Drive Traffic to Your Store Location

When you’re brick and mortar, it’s all about geotargeted ads that entice people with your products and then seal the deal. The key to making a successful ad that drives store location traffic is to make your viewer’s navigation seamless. Each picture is an opportunity to hammer home your “Get Directions” CTA, making navigation a one-step process for mobile users. In your copy, emphasize a great reward for little effort. Timing is also important—in the two food ads below, dinner versus late-night yields different audiences and intentions.

facebook ad template

Facebook Ad Template #12: Learn More About Your Customer’s Preferences

Every conversation with a customer is an opportunity to build a better profile of their preferences, and Messenger is the perfect platform to ask customers directly about their needs. Not only do these conversations help people shop better, but they also help you retarget people to the products they are actually interested in.

Messenger ads help you learn more about your customer’s preferences by narrowing people’s desire for a general product (like a drink) down to something more specific. To get people to use your Messenger function, make a product offer and pair it with a Send Message CTA. The offer should be general enough that it leaves room for people to express their preferences within the app.

facebook ad call to action

Facebook Ad Template #13: Boost Conversions

The best way to boost conversions is to tailor your ad to an audience that has shown interest in your product before—whether it’s a prior sale or click. Your ad copy should show what’s new about your business, to keep your customer’s impression of your business as up-to-date and evolving alongside them. You can do this by featuring a product that’s in-season (different from what your customer was looking at in their last visit) or new on the site. Play up your prior connection by addressing the customer directly. A single-image ad that features your product will do the trick; just be sure to find the right color contrast to bring out whatever item you’re featuring.

Facebook Ad Template #14: Garner Local Awareness

Whether you’re the new business in town or you just want to reach out to the new folks around your establishment, Facebook ads can help you raise local awareness. Local pride is on your side, so make the most of your knowledge of the neighborhood or city you’re in by making an event or location-specific offer. For the Subway around Mizzou, that’s food for their upcoming tailgate. For Pauly Presley Realty, it’s dog-friendly businesses in Austin. By including your business’ knowledge of the local scene, as well as providing valuable promotions and content, your ad is on track to building a long-term relationship with local (loyal) customers.

facebook ad template location specific ads

Facebook Ad Template #15: Boost Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is all about getting people emotionally invested in your brand. People get emotionally invested in something when they feel they have something to lose. When it comes to forging a bond between customers and your business, find a political/personal motivation that your customers can relate to your product. For Planned Parenthood, it’s women’s reproductive rights. For Grammarly, it took a creative leap—dating and attraction (to good grammar).

boost engagement ad template

Here’s the BIG takeaway.

“The secret sauce and key to marketing online successfully and creating ads that connects, attracts and brings a return on your investments is to connect with people who might already be interested in what you have to offer – based on their pains and desires and using language and words they understand”

I would love to send you 2 Videos for FREE, one of which is called “Anatomy Of A Great Ad” and the other is called “Examples and Deep Dive of Great Ads”. In these videos, I take you behind my shoulder and show you what really makes a great ad, I break down Facebook ads the way top marketers and businesses do it!

In order to learn what I will be sending to you for FREE, I had to spend over a thousand dollars enrolling on top Facebook marketing courses from experts in the field.

To get the videos, just enter your name and email so I can know where to send them to!

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