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In recent times its no news that Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for brands, marketers, advertisers, and consumers.

Instagram has reached over 1 billion monthly active users and that number has continued to grow year after year! There is absolutely no sign of this slowing down at all and that’s why it’s important that you and your business get on Instagram and get the pie!

When you take a quick look on Instagram and do a search for hashtags related to your business, chances are your competitors and competitions are already on Instagram. If you haven’t created an Instagram account for your business yet, i suggest you go on Instagram and create one now.

Getting an account on Instagram is not the end to it, however it’s a good way to start. Once you have gotten an account you will need to have a marketing strategy to increase sales on Instagram.

I will go over the best ways you can get good strategies and tips to increase your sales on Instagram.

Just follow the steps carefully and you will be on your way to a productive and massive increase in sales.

Post-New Contents

You will have to be consistent in posting new contents. An inactive Instagram profile is a dead profile. You would want to keep your followers up to date, by posting at least once a week. Inconsistency in posting on your Instagram profile will make your followers forget about you.

Consistency in posting keeps your viewers or followers on their toes and in anticipation, alway thinking for the next post.

You should have a strategy to posting on your profile. You should also post clear pictures, and use hashtags when you are posting.

Be timely with your posts, you could post

You should post Three times a week and make sure to keep up. Consistency is what keeps you on top of the chain.

Don’t Focus On The Number Of Followers

Don’t be too particular about getting followers, here you should be quality conscious rather than quantity conscious. Having a lot of followers may look impressive, but what good is it if none of those followers are actively engaged with your content? In other words, you should focus on the relevancy of your followers. If you’re selling fitness supplies, you wouldn’t want people who are searching for iPhone accessories following you.

Just be more particular about your audience, let me ask a quick question, do you want some random followers? or people that are actually in need of your content. I guess you would want to make sales so my guess is that you want followers that will engage your account for your content sake.

Here is a good way to get started with this: A good way to increase your followers is by letting your existing customers know about your Instagram account. You can get started by sending out a message to your email subscribers. Let them know that they will receive some sort of incentive for being a follower on Instagram.

Tell your email subscribers that you will offer special discount codes exclusively for Instagram followers on a regular basis. It’s a great way to create more sales as well as increase your Social Followers.

Add Eye Catchy Photos And Videos To Your Instagram Story


It is very easy to locate the instagram story mode and a good place to add your contents as well, for your followers and Instagram viewers to see.

Unlike a regular post, you can post different stories throughout the day and it won’t annoy your readers by spamming their timeline.

All the contents on your story can be assessed by one click, and that’s quite interesting right? but you shouldn’t overdo this. Most people won’t check out 15+ Instagram stories from you, that’s just the way it is.

You should know that the Instagram story feature your content only last for 24hrs, so you should be strategic and creative enough to utilize this opportunity to promote your business.

Give A Great First Impression

People are most times moved by the first impression you present. Your business can be made or unmade just by the first Impression. It’s exactly the reason why having captivating titles are so important. It’s more important than the content itself!

You should apply the same mentality to your Instagram. Use your profile to show; what they will perceive you as and how they should see your business.

This is entirely up to you as the popular saying goes “first impression is all that matters”.

The first impression your viewers, followers, or people get on Instagram is usually going to be your profile picture as well as your biography.

What I recommend is either a picture of yourself or your business logo plus a detailed biography that sums up what your business is all about.

In your Bio you can also include links that direct your followers back to your website.

Focus on giving a positive first impression! Just keep it simple and keep it real!

Use Hashtags With Your Content

When making a post you should look out for hashtags related to your business and use them for your post.

You can either use existing hashtags that other people are using or you can create your own hashtags. For example, let’s say you’re running a special campaign for the promotion of love, you can use #NoHate.

Or you can also use a hashtag for your brand name!

If a lot of people use your hashtags you will get more followers and views.

Partner With Other Social Influences

Reaching out to celebrities is quite a difficult one on Instagram, my guess is that they wouldn’t even respond to you.

However social media platforms like Instagram have their own celebrities and they are called social influencers. These people usually have high engagement rates and an awesome relationship with their followers..

Just imagine they tell their followers to either check out your post or they mention your business in a post. Most certainly will and you’ll see a surge in the sudden increase in traffic.

Pay For Instagram Ads

You can create your own Instagram advertisement by checking out  It’s not free, but it’s a great way for new brands who are struggling to build an audience. An advertisement will help increase your brand’s exposure which can potentially increase your followers as well as customers.

With Instagram Ads, you have the following options:

  • Video Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Story Ads

Since this method does cost money, make sure you know your marketing budget before you proceed!

And you could also ask for the help of a digital market in this wise to help you get the best analysis for your audience.

Rolling the curtain

The main aim here is to have good content, ensure your page is organized and have a posting plan.

You need to let your audience know that it is not all about the money, so always post some motivation or cartoons it goes a long way to tell them the kind of person you are.

Also, make sure your profile gives off a positive impression otherwise you risk losing potential followers.

Follow the tips I gave earlier and you will be on the blast in the increase of traffic to your Instagram account and sales at large.

Are you’re currently using Instagram? is it generating sales from your followers? If you are, please share with us your strategy if it’s not already listed in this article. And please leave also in the comment section your questions we ensure to get back to you.

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