7 Ways to Live Healthier and More Successful as an Entrepreneur



There is a popular say that annoys me when ever i hear people say “being an entrepreneur is difficult and the toughest to start but the easiest to thrive in.”

It’s not like that you know.  I have gone through hundreds of contents about the lives of successful entrepreneurs and here is what I found:

Becoming successful is easy. All you need is discipline and a strict daily routine.

My simple advice is: Don’t just study what made them successful, but study what they do on a daily basis.

Lets go straight to the tricks and strategies i collected and adapted in my own life from several prosperous people in the world.

Do What You Love




In the school of success some questions need to be answered and one of it is; Why do you want to be successful? Steve Jobs thought it’s for personal fulfillment. Basically, he believed in finding work that drives our passion provides us with excitement and fulfillment.

Before you become an entrepreneur, decide if it’ll give you what you truly want in life. Mark Cuban, whose net worth is US$3.8 billion, says that people must know what they love and what they’re good at to be successful.

You draw more strength by doing what you love.

Be Authentic

We need to stay true to ourselves, vision, organization/business.

Come to think of it, nobody wants to be customers or clients to organizations that are entangled in bribery, fraud, false promises and bad delivery.

Ensure that the product, services, and culture you demonstrate to others are as authentic as possible, in order for you to keep a good reputation as an entrepreneur.

Alexi Panos, philanthropist, television presenter, producer, author, actress, and model believes when we expose our true selves to others, they can relate to us more effectively. By sharing your own story, you attract stakeholders towards yourself.

Set the Right Goals

You need to be discreet and direct as possible about this.

Not all goal are achievable or its better to say that not all goals are achievable within the speculated time you want.

It’s good to set great and big goals or targets but it is also important to be as realistic as possible, when you set a very big or ambiguous goal and you don’t achieve it at the end, you get discouraged and maybe frustrated.

Don’t expect immediate satisfaction. Everything takes time to come to be successful. Relax and know that what you visualized will become a reality.

Henry Ford said, “when you don’t believe in yourself, you are believing in excuses”.

Pick the right goals and follow it with all possibility.

It is common for people to lose hope and become frustrated when things don’t go their way. Don’t do that. Believe in your ambitions. Trust life that it will make it happen.

Help Others

This is a great way to promote your brand image. When you help others, others will help you. Also, this will ensure you build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman notes that you can improve yourself by associating with people who you want to become. Even the people you partner with and employ for your organizations should reflect the best standards.

Promote other organizations and collaborate with them instead of competing, and you will create a harmonious exchange of giving and take.

When you create products or services that help people, they want to be your customers for life. Moreover, when you deliver more than their expectations, they pledge loyalty to you.

Take Care of Your Health

As an entrepreneur i know multitasking is inevitable, as you would have to hold on to many positions in other to cut cost.

How ever this should be done with a good discretion, you should learn to give yourself time to rest, carry out check ups regularly and probably go on some vacations.

You health is your wealth as an entrepreneur, when you feel sick it directly reflects on your business, so you need to take those rest and maintain your health and body.

Ensure to eat healthy as well. Wake up early in the morning. Go for a jog or workout. Exercising your muscles and bones lets your body stay active all day long.

Time and Stress Management

What you choose to do within 24 hours is crucial. Be proactive. Don’t ever wait for tomorrow. What needs to be done needs to be done now.

Be creative when it comes to fear and stress management. Practice yoga and meditation. Find natural remedies for anxiety such as herbal tea, relaxing wine, and relaxing herbs.

I say this everywhere and I will say it here too. Switch to an organic diet. Your life will change drastically.

Be flexible. Adapt to situations as they come. Don’t be a slave to your past beliefs. If you have an opportunity, analyze it. If it’s favorable, take it.

Learn from Criticisms

One of the most important lessons is taken from customer feedbacks. You have to tweak your delivery according to your customer’s needs. Unsatisfied customers are the end of an organization.

Don’t be offended by criticisms. Use it as an opportunity to improve yourself. Co-founder of Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington recalls that a critic once wrote to her that ‘The Huffington Post was an unsurvivable failure’.

Failures are not the bricks that we carry on our shoulders, but the steps that we stand on to climb upwards. Sophia Amoruso, a self-made millionaire says that those who rejected her once approved of her later on. So failures are never the end.

Kelechi Mmonu

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