The 10 Commandments of Creating Seductive Lead Magnets

Do you want to ensure your next lead magnet delivers on it’s promise? Well, I’ve gone ahead and compiled this brief checklist that ensures it’s irresistible. In this Checklist, you will be exposed to;

  • How to Provide a benefit rich name that grabs Instant Attention.
  • How to Keep the magnet simple & straight forward. 
  • How to Deliver real value to your audience.

As Complementary to maximize the use of this checklist, you will also get the Following...

How not to get your Ad Account Blocked

Don't wait until it Happens.

Grab this Cheat sheet that shows the Smart routes to Avoid getting your Ad Account Blocked!

In this Cheat Sheet, you will be Exposed to;

  • The principle of Running a seasoned Ad account
  • How to minimize Negative Comments/ Feedbacks.
  • Landing Page rules (Ignore them at your Risk)

How to create an Unresistable Sales Letter

To create an unresistable sales letter, you must get into your Audience's reality...think like them!
In this Cheatsheet you will learn how to

  • Use attention grabbing Introduction
  • Identify a big pain point
  • Provide the solution
  • Provide proof that your solution works

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